About Deborah

Health Insurance for Real Life!

Hi! My name is Deborah and for over 25 years, I worked in the corporate world as a Customer Service Representative and a Paralegal behind a desk doing paperwork. However, I could never help people directly, the way I wanted to. For a long time, I have wanted to help people afford healthcare. Even with myself, I wanted to have affordable insurance, so that I could be in sales and help more people.  So, when my last job ended, I decided that I wanted to use my insurance license that I had for 5 years.  Now I’m in the front lines, helping a lot of people, like I love to do — seniors, small business owners, families, individuals, you name it — I help them to get the coverage they need at rates they can afford, and I love it!

Let’s plan for the unexpected

Ordinary, planned medical expenses like regular checkups can be expensive enough. When unplanned expenses such as accidents and major illnesses occur, the costs can leave you in debt for years. The right health coverage can minimize the damage to your finances at an affordable price. With me, you get an agent who is committed to you, who will listen to your needs and be there when you need help, for as long as you own the policy. Please call me at (469) 682-3864 so we can meet and discuss your health coverage needs when the time is right for you.