Family Insurance Plans

A lot of people are going through a transition.  I have first-hand experience with going through transitions.  I was at a job for 12 years and then the company closed.  It took some time to get settled after a transition period.  I had to purchase COBRA for 18 months while taking other job opportunities that came along.  However, we can offer an option to COBRA.

I can help you to have stability and support during your transition.  Some people may be changing jobs or looking for employment.  During this time, we are able to help people with their insurance needs.  Most people during transitions may not have insurance benefits and we are here to help with the necessary insurance for their families. 

We help families plan for the future and to help them with their current needs during their transition.  Most people prefer to be on an affordable insurance policy and COBRA may not be their best option.  We help to navigate your budget and find the right solution for you. 

Individual Insurance Plans

Whatever your age, we can get you covered!  No need to wait for an open enrollment.  Contact me today for individual insurance.  Whether you are a student, youth or adult, we have the right coverage for you.  When we sit down to talk with you, we can design a package to meet your current coverage and budget needs.  We focus on having your best interest at heart and we make a plan that works for your individual need.  Each family member can be covered, whether the parent is covered or not.  The coverage that we begin to discuss is to cover catastrophic and accidents.  We then discuss other options to get you the coverage that is important to you such as wellness and doctor visits.  With our flexibility, coverage can be purchased at low deductibles and in some cases, no deductibles and services can be received and benefits received without a deductible being paid.

Group Insurance Plans

Having someone on your side to help you with the paperwork and enrollment is a benefit that you will receive.  We offer assistance to help streamline the health insurance process for each employee.  We are with you from the time of the application throughout the entire process including claims.  We help you handle each situation and we will get you answers to each of your questions.  Our agents make sure that we take care of your employees and offer great customer service.  Each employee is able to reach out directly to the agent and get their questions answered.  We sit down with each employee to help them choose the coverage that meets their direct needs and budget.   No need to wait for an open enrollment period.  No requirement for number of employees that option to take the group plan. 


Being a Medicare specialist, I can help with Medicare plans and home healthcare which allows people to stay in their homes and receive care from a private nurse.